Tight ends the New Orleans Saints should look at in the 2012 NFL Draft

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The New Orleans Saints will most likely go with a defensive player with their first pick in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft.  They would be wise to consider a few choices at tight end after that.

Ok, wise meaning that with the concussion issues surrounding current tight end David Thomas, the Saints will need another blocking pass catcher to help compliment rising star Jimmy Graham.

As stated in the introduction, the Saints will probably go with a defensive player with their second round choice.  Most probably either a defensive end or defensive tackle.

With the third round choice, they will go with a defensive tackle or linebacker if a quality one still presents itself.  If not, they should consider taking a good tight end prospect in the third round or fourth round at the latest.

In 2010 the Saints drafted a relatively unknown tight end from Miami named Jimmy Graham in the third round that left many scratching their heads.  Now Graham is considered a steal from that draft and only continues to excell.

Granted, that’s a once in a lifetime pick.  But if the Saints see that Thomas is on the downslide from his concussions, they may try to hit pay dirt again in these rounds.