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New Orleans Saints Porter and Dunbar appear ready to accept whatever happens

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While some free agents might be getting anxious as to what their fate will be when the upcoming bell tolls, New Orleans Saints free agents cornerback Tracy Porter and linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar appear ready to play with whatever cards they’re dealt.

Both players are scheduled to hit the open market if they are not re-signed by the Saints when free agency begins.

Of course, they are on the back burner a bit until something is worked out with quarterback Drew Brees, guard Carl Nicks, and wide receiver Marques Colston.

Porter is coming off of two rather disappointing seasons after being declared the “Hero of Super Bowl XLIV” and having a strong season in 2009.

Dunbar on the other hand, has progressed well since being with the Saints and filled in adequately for injured linebacker Jonathan Vilma during this past season.  Both players shared their sentiments on Twitter just recently.

Porter first posted on his Twitter account:

"The big guy upstairs will put me in the best situation to be successful.  Just patiently waiting.  He has a plan."