2012 NFL Mock Draft: Best Bet, a good corner or quarterback prospect?

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With the NFL Combine beginning on Wednesday, February 22nd, fans will have their eyes glued to the television and online to keep up on how well players perform.

As the NFL Draft approaches on Thursday, April 26, many have been searching the internet to find out who their favorite team may choose on the big deal.

Obviously no one knows for sure what will happen except those who are drafting. All insiders and media outlets are doing the best we can at providing you with what you need to prepare for the upcoming draft and what to expect.

Most Mock Drafts you come across have the same top 10 players just shuffled around. These are the most sought after players entering the day, but occasionally one might fall further down than originally expected.

My Mock Draft will look a lot different than most experts and ones you’ll find throughout the internet. I put myself as the General Manager and owner of the francise, also I take into consideration different coaches coming and going from teams, each with their own philosophy.

So what you see is exactly who I would choose if I were the one making the pick.

Scouts for NFL teams keep a close eye on how players perform at the combine as well as the interview process. This will help them determine if the player is a good fit with their organization.

The Indianapolis Colts have all but gone on record saying they will choose quarterback Andrew Luck out of Stanford.

He will not be throwing at the NFL Combine, however, he will throw at his Pro Day by instruction of the Colts.

Who follows Andrew Luck? Lets find out.

Each Who Dat Dish mock draft is featured in the DC Pro Sports Report, WalterFootball.com, Sports Jabber, hailredskins.com and fftoolbox.com mock draft databases. Each site keeps track of a huge number mock drafts all over the web.