Saints made offer to Stanford Routt; What about Brandon Carr?

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Former Oakland Raiders cornerback Stanford Routt has agreed to a three-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs, a deal worth $19.6 million that’s expected to help Kansas City cope with the loss of conerback Brandon Carr.

Routt was released by the Oakland Raiders, who are re-buidling with a new head coach in Dennis Allen and GM Reggie McKenzie, almost exactly one-year after the late Al Davis signed him to a five-year $54.4 million dollar deal.

At the time Davis was criticized for signing Routt while letting Nnamdi Asomugha, the perceived best corner in the league, test the free agent market where he would eventually sign with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Once on the market Routt garnered plenty of attention from NFL teams, meeting with the Buffalo Bills as well as the Chiefs, but also entertained several offers from various clubs site unseen.

Those said to have made offers to Routt where the Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, Cincinnati Bengals, and Houston Texans.

The huge amount of interest Routt generated is a testament to just how high of a demand there are for good corners, regardless of the current state of  a teams secondary.

If you can’t stop the pass in today’s NFL then the chances of you winning dwindle into single digits, no longer are defenses concentrating on stopping the run, but stopping the pass, and you are nearly required to have five good corners on the roster.

In the Saints case no one reported that they had made an offer to Routt, but it makes sense for a few reasons.