New Orleans Saints say franchise tag a last minute option

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If the Saints can manage to strike a deal before March 5th however, they could structure Brees’ long term deal much like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning’s, and it would only cost the Saints $14 million in cap space.

Saving the extra $2 million could be huge considering the players the Saints need to re-sign.

If the Saints do tag quarterback Drew Brees, he will likely be hit with the exclusive tag prohibiting other teams to talk with him.

This is used for contract negotiation situations. Quarterback Peyton Manning has been tagged twice in his career, as has QB Michael Vick.

Brees has stated that he is willing to to take a discount in order to help keep key players with the team. However, that doesn’t mean that he is willing to turn down the money he deserves.

It simply means he is willing to negotiate the way the money is distributed throughout the contract, possibly by taking less money in his first two years.

In 2011, Brees was the 16th highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

Whether through a long term deal or via tag, Drew Brees WILL be a New Orleans Saint in 2012.

The Saints would however prefer to apply the tag to either Nicks or Colston rather than Brees.

Pro Bowl guard Carl Nicks is expected to become the highest paid guard in the NFL.

Teammate Jahri Evans  signed a seven-year deal worth $56 million dollars in 2010, making him currently the highest paid guard in the league.

Nicks should make more than that amount.

The Saints will likely apply the franchise tag to Nicks if not Brees due to the fact he is only 27 years old and among the best guards in the game.