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Top TCU linebacker among those arrested in drug sting

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Brock was issued a bail of $10,000 and held in city jail after his arrest.  The university officials have said that the students involved have been “seperated from TCU”.  No doubt Brock and the other players will be removed from the team as well.

Brock had been a standout player next to fellow linebacker Tank Carder, who is currently preparing for the NFL Draft.  Due to an injury, Brock missed most of last season but was expected to come back for the upcoming season ready to play.

TCU head coach Gary Patterson didn’t go into too much detail when he read a statement following the arrests.  What he did say was right to the punch.

"As I heard the news this morning, I was first shocked, then hurt and now I’m mad."

When asked why he ordered the surprise drug tests to begin with Patterson declined to comment.