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Top TCU linebacker among those arrested in drug sting

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A shocking bit of news to say the least happened a few days ago when authorities arrested 17 students from Texas Christian University on charges of selling illegal drugs.  Disappointing enough, one of them is a highly rated linebacker for their football team.

Police said that TCU linebacker Tanner Brock was among those taken into custody along with:  defensive tackle D.J. Yendry, cornerback Devin Johnson and offensive lineman Ty Horn.

The others that were arrested were said to be current students at the university and also may be looking at former students involved as well.  The sale of the illegal drugs were to undercover officers during a six month investigation.

One officer stated that Brock personaly sold him $200 worth of marijuana on January 19 after defensive tackle D.J. Yendry couldn’t supply the marijuana for the sale.  The officer said the following in an affidavit:

"After a short conversation about the marijuana, Brock and I exchanged phone numbers, telling me to come to him now on instead of (Yendry)."

TCU head coach Gary Patterson issued a surprise drug test to the football team on February 1, which Brock told the undercover officer he had failed and further stated around 60 other players would be “screwed”.