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Cornerbacks the New Orleans Saints could pick in the 2012 NFL Draft

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The only mark against him is that he was arrested and tased in October 2011 when he tried to stop police from arresting Montana quarterback Gerald Kemp due to a noise complaint.  He’s projected as a second round or third round pick.

Chase Minnifield-Virginia:  Minnifield ended his role with the Cavaliers on a strong note with thirteen career interceptions and numerous first team All-ACC selections.

Multiple draft sites all say one thing in common, which is that teams began to throw away from Minnifield but he still managed three interceptions last season along with 50 tackles, seven tackles for a loss, 1.5 sacks and eight passes defended.

Minnifield’s coverage skills are said to be top notch especially in man-to-man.  He’s projected mainly as a second round pick.

Casey Hayward-Vanderbilt:  Hayward, like Minnifield, finished his career with the Commodores with thirteen interceptions and the reputation of being a leader in the secondary.