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Around the NFL: Cincinnati Bengals Maualuga pleads not guilty in assault case


Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga entered a plea of not guilty in the assault case brought against him at the beginning of the month at a local bar.

Maualuga was not present in court but submitted a written plea through his attorney since it’s a misdemeanor charge.  More details were revealed at the arraignment.

The victim, Sammy Laham, stated that he was a bar employee on that night and had gone over to ask Maualuga and a small group with him to leave since the bar was closing.

Laham and other witnesses stated that Maualuga appeared to be intoxicated and when Laham asked the group to leave the premises, he was punched in the face by Maualuga.  Laham suffered a laceration to his face.

Laham also said that he was informed that among the group with Maualuga, we’re several other Bengals players.  That report hasn’t been confirmed as of now or what players could have been at the bar.

Regardless of the outcome, Maualuga will probably face not only a fine, but a possible suspension from several games this upcoming season from the NFL.  The Cincinnati Bengals organization has yet to make a full statement.