Around the NFL: Former LSU player signs extension with the New York Giants


The Super Bowl champion New York Giants have wasted no time in giving a contract extension to one of their players.  The unique thing is that this player hasn’t taken the field in close to two years.

The reason why it’s unique is because the player happens to be former LSU Tiger safety Chad Jones.  Jones was drafted by the Giants in 2010 but was involved in an automobile accident a short time later.

Jones suffered massive injuries in the accident and some thought he may never play football again.  Jones started rehabilitation as soon as possible and has passed a physical to join the team in training camp this summer.

Right before the accident, Jones had signed a four year contract worth $2.615 million with a $825,965 signing bonus.  The Giants let Jones keep the bonus but restructured his final two years which Jones has signed as an extension.

While he was at LSU, Jones played both baseball and football.  Jones was known for being a hard hitter in football and sporting long dreadlocks in his hair.  He was known as “The Dreadlocks of Doom” while in college.