New Orleans Saints increasing ticket prices for a small number of fans


The New Orleans Saints released a statement on Tuesday saying that they will not raise the ticket prices for about 98 percent of season ticket holders for the 2012-2013 season.

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome completed it’s multiphase transformation, a six-year, $336 million effort, which included an $85 million dollar renovation project.

The changes included gutting and refinishing suites, corridors, concession stands and bathrooms throughout the stadium.

New electrical, video and audio systems were installed.

All seats were either cleaned or replaced, and they added about 100 flat screen TVs that hang from the underside of the second deck.

The Superdome also added extra seating. The structure went from holding approximately 70,000 seats to 73,000 by adding 3,500 additional seats to the complex.

Part of the project was also replacing the outer shell of the Superdome. The original aluminum siding, which faded a dull gray, was replaced.

The new siding was restored to its original champagne color it had when it hosted its first Super Bowl in 1978.

Champions Square made its debut in 2010. It became a hot spot for festivals and concerts. It’s perfect for pre-game festivities as Champion’s Square can accommodate about 8,000 people.

The icing on the cake, however, was the 26,000 LED lights that now illuminate the New Orleans skyline.

Team officials have reportedly discussed ticket prices with fans who sit in the upper corner Plaza who have experienced and voiced problems with construction overhang in that area.

Around 1,900 fans in that area will have their season ticket price lowered in 2012, due to the inconvenience.

However, a small amount percentage of seats in the plaza end zone areas may seen an increase in price due to some construction changes.