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Five Pittsburgh Steelers agree to re-structure contract for cap consideration

By Editorial Staff

With everyone’s concentration going onto the off-season and some of the big named free agents that are going to hit the market dominating headlines.

We, as fans, often forget about players who have a genuine love for their team.

I’ve been guilty of questioning players when they demand  more money than a team can afford, but still say they really want to be a part of said team.

It’s a rare occasion that you find a player on a team that is willing to restructure their contract for the good of the team let alone multiple players.

The Steelers have been graced with not only having one player willing to re-structure their contract, but five of their more recognizable players that are willing to do so.

Pittsburgh has already re-structured the contracts of Lamar Woodley, Lawrence Timmons and Ike Taylor, and now Ben Roethlisberger and James Harrison have jumped on board to help bring the Steelers below the Salary Cap.

Saints fans have heard Drew Brees say he would structure a deal to allow the Saints to sign other players, but outside of Drew, have we heard anyone else step up and say that?

Granted the Steelers are $25 million above the cap.

Marques Colston has already said that New Orleans wouldn’t get a “Home Town” discount, he wants to get paid, and paid now.

Now I understand that he wants to make more money, and frankly I think that he deserves it to an extent, but I also think he should be willing to structure his deal.

I’m sure people wonder why the Steelers “off-years” aren’t really as bad as say, Indy’s “off-year”.

I think it’s because of the fan base and also because when players become a Steeler, they really buy in to being a Steeler.

The players who don’t buy into that teams attitude don’t seem to last long there — Santonio Holmes — being a good example.