The NFL offseason is here, so what happens next with Saints?

By Editorial Staff

So the dreaded off season is here, what do we do?  Some people have switched there focus and attention to reading Mock Drafts to see what kind of moves teams may make in Aprol.  Still other’s look forward to the free agency contract dash.  So many choices, but which do I take on for what seems to be an off season that lasts forever.

The thing about the off season that haunts me the most, is that I have absolutely no football on the television.

I often times find myself watching reruns of games from seasons past, some of which can be very entertaining I might add.

The rest of the time though I struggle through it all.  The New Orleans Saints off season’s, have been pretty good some years, with the team performing a lot of great transactions.

This off season can be one of the best to date for the fans if everything that can happen, does.  The Saints have to sign Drew Brees, and Carl Nicks no doubt, but what about the rest of the free agents?

Will the Saints let some of the free agents that are going to be demanding higher prices go?  Will they force pricey veterans who have underperformed to restructure their contracts?

My mind is racing with the possibilities of what may or may not happen.  Will Steve Spagnuolo go for bigger more physical corners?  Will the Saints finally find that pass rush they have seemed to miss even when blitzing?

I could go on and on about my questions and the possible answers, but I’ll wait until i at least here or see something that gives me and idea of which direction the Saints are heading.

I, like any other Saints fan, can only hope that the direction they move takes us to the Super Bowl.  I would like to hear other Saints fans comments. Which direction do you think the team will go during this off season.