If Tracy Porter leaves the New Orleans Saints, who will take his place?

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Also, all the other cornerbacks on the roster are mainly used on special teams and sparingly in defensive packages.  If Porter is gone, they’ll need experience.  This leaves the last option of free agency.

There are actually some good cornerbacks that will be available on the market when free agency kicks off.  Like Porter though, they will be looking for the right price as well.

The Saints have actually got a good look at a few of these players in action during the season.  One is Atlanta Falcons Brent Grimes and the other is San Francisco 49ers Carlos Rogers.

Grimes has given not only Drew Brees, but other quarterbacks fits.  Grimes may not be tall, but his ability to track the ball and come up with athletic interceptions makes throwing his way a gamble.

Rogers had a great season but at 31 years old, he may not be retained after a one year contract with the 49ers.  He had six interceptions last season and has shown he’s not afraid to get physical with receivers.