If Tracy Porter leaves the New Orleans Saints, who will take his place?

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Porter is a talented cornerback no doubt.  But at 26 years of age, he will be looking for a nice payday.  This is something that the Saints are not known for doing unless you’re someone like quarterback Drew Brees.

Not saying that he should be released, but he may not be happy with what the Saints will offer him.  Plus he’s not very high on the priority totem pole of Saints free agents.

If Porter were to leave to go elsewhere, the team could go in several directions:  the 2012 NFL Draft, in house, or free agency.

As far as the 2012 NFL Draft goes, the cornerback position is pretty thin.  Players that could start like Mo Claiborne, Janoris Jenkins, and Dre Kirkpatrick will be long gone by the time the Saints pick in the second round.

On the current roster, Johnny Patrick is a cornerback that has shown potential, but was mainly used on special teams after being drafted in the third round by the Saints in 2011.