New Orleans Saints Jo-Lonn Dunbar ready to lead linebacker corps?

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Dunbar also brought a swagger to his position not only firing himself up, but also the rest of the defense.  He would fill in for Vilma several more times because of injury and cement his potential as a starter with the coaching staff.

Dunbar helped lead the charge on the infamous “4th & 1” against the Atlanta Falcons on December 26, 2011 that swung the game in the Saints favor.  Dunbar would finish the season with 79 tackles, one sack, and two forced fumbles.

He has developed a following among Saints fans, becoming more and more popular.  Although Dunbar is set to be a free agent, the consensus is that he will most probably be retained by the team.

While nothing is set in stone with the addition of Steve Spagnuolo as defensive coordinator, there is no denying the talent.  Dunabr might be asked to take on a more significant role in the new defense with the Saints.

Rumors are abound that players like defensive end Will Smith and Vilma could be asked to restructure their contracts to help clear up salary cap space in order to retain a bulk of the Saints free agents.  It also could depend on Vilma himself.