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New York Giants Tom Coughlin wise to retire from NFL on top

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Fans wanted Coughlin out as head coach as he instantly became the most hated man in New York once again.

But Coughlin ignored the criticism and guided his team through must win game after must win game all the way to the Super Bowl.

Now having reached the pinnacle of the sport, Coughlin may be wise to make his exit from the coaching ranks a clear winner.

The harsh reality of the NFL it it’s extremely hard for a team to repeat as Champions, only the 2004 and 2005 Patriots were able to accomplish the feat in nearly the last ten years.

It stands to reason that the Giants won’t repeat next year either as it took them four full seasons to get back to the big show.

You would even have to question whether they could win their own NFC East division given it’s also occupied by the loaded Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.

Washington sits their in the division as well with a stout defense, and if they can solve their quarterback woes will become and instant contender under Mike Shanahan.

New York also has a bevy of free agents to contend with – a list that includes Manningham, tackle Kareem McKenzie, corner Aaron Ross, and defensive lineman Jimmy Kennedy — all role players on the team.

For now Coughlin says he has no desire to retire and plans to turn his attention to the Combine before moving on to the NFL draft.

In the end Coughlin will get to decide when he is done coaching, considering he has the full support of the players and the teams ownership.

But to be able to leave the game on your own accord having achieved one the NFL’s greatest honors doesn’t come along every day. Maybe he’ll end up regretting the decision, and maybe he will win two more titles — it’ll sure be fun to sit back and watch the show.