Super Bowl XLVI: Commercials leaked ahead of game (Videos)

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The Super Bowl is the greatest sports entertainment event in the world. It’s a time for the best teams in the NFL to showcase the talents that helped them get to the “Big Game”, and while the game is still the main attraction, the commercials played throughout the contest are nearly just as big for many of those watching.

Companies pull out all the stops and invest millions and millions of dollars to get the choicest “spots”. The hope is of course that they get their name or product in front of the record breaking amount of viewers that tune in to the show.

Secondary to that is the desire to be know as the best Super Bowl commercial — the unspoken true goal of most every company involved.

Well why wait for the game to see some of these commercials as several have already been leaked to the Internet in advance of Super Bowl XLVI later this afternoon. Check out the videos below to get a head start on viewing these hilarious skits before all your friends.