NBC Super Bowl pregame show to feature former Saint Steve Gleason

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The Saints have been in full support of Gleason as well as one of his closest friends, former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita.  Whenever Fujita talks to the media, you can be assured he’ll mention Steve as well as  Team Gleason’s motto of, “No White Flags”.

King reported that Gleason now needs the assistance of a walker to move around as the disease is affecting his legs and lower body even more.  Yet true to the motto, Gleason isn’t going to give up and continues to be remarkably positive with family and friends by his side.

To viewers, King promises that the piece will be “real”.  King wrote that while Gleason didn’t want it to be a “sob story”, he stated

"It’s impossible to experience the Gleason story and not be touched, and not get chocked up.  It has to be this way.  You can’t tell this story antiseptically."

There was no specific time given for when NBC will air the segment, just that it will be during the pregame show prior to the Super Bowl.  Viewers should periodically check listings at NBC for any further updates.

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