New Orleans Saints Carl Nicks feels “disheartened” with new contract progress

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New Orleans Saints offensive guard Carl Nicks was recently in Indianapolis where he was approached by media in reference to his upcoming free agent status.

Nicks is scheduled to become a free agent soon and Saints fans are fearful that a key piece of the offensive puzzle could be leaving the Big Easy.

He’s expected to ask for a similar contract that Saints offensive guard Jahri Evans got, which was around $56.7 million for seven years.

The Saints also have to give quarterback Drew Brees a big contract extension as well as decide on the fate of free agent wide receiver Marques Colston.

Nicks made the statement that he would like to stay with the Saints and knows that the team has a lot of free agents to take care of.

Yet Nicks also said that he hasn’t heard of any news from the Saints on his new contract and is feeling “disheartened” about the situation.  While he wants to return to the team, Nicks said he wants “to get paid”.