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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Linemen, corners dominate first round

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17. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland) — Team Needs: OL (Primary), RB, S
David DeCastro
OG, Stanford
18. San Diego Chargers — Team Needs: RT (Primary), ILB, OLB, S
Levy Adcock
OT, Oklahoma State
19. Chicago Bears — Team Needs: WR (Primary), OL, CB, OLB
Juron Criner
WR, Arizona
20. Tennessee Titans — Team Needs: OL (Primary), OLB, DE
Melvin Ingram
OLB, South Carolina
21. Cincinnati Bengals — Team Needs: OL (Primary), RB, S
Peter Konz
C, Wisconsin
22. Cleveland Browns (from Atlanta) — Team Needs: WR (Primary), QB, DE, OLB
Nick Perry
23. Detroit Lions — Team Needs: CB (Primary), OL, OLB, S
Janoris Jenkins
CB, North Alabama
24. Pittsburgh Steelers — Team Needs: OL (Primary), ILB, RB, CB
Dont’a Hightower
LB, Alabama
25. Denver Broncos — Team Needs: QB (Primary), WR, DT, CB
Michael Brockers
26. Houston Texans — Team Needs: NT (Primary), WR, S, CB
Dontari Poe
DT (NT), Memphis
27. New England Patriots (from New Orleans) — Team Needs: OLB (Primary), OL, S, WR
Mark Barron
S, Alabama
28. Green Bay Packers — Team Needs: DE (Primary), OLB, OL, RB
Whitney Mercilus
DE, Illinois
29. Baltimore Ravens — Team Needs: OL (Primary), ILB, WR, CB
Mike Adams
OT, Ohio State
30. San Francisco 49ers — Team Needs: WR (Primary), OL, CB, OLB
Stephen Hill
WR, Georgia Tech
31. New York Giants — Team Needs: MLB (Primary), OL, TE, RB
Bobby Wagner
LB, Utah State
32. New England Patriots — Team Needs: OLB (Primary), OL, S, WR
Devon Still
DT, Penn State

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