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Saints Draft

New Orleans Saints will have decisions to make for the 2012 NFL Draft

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Of course, it’s still several months before the draft so the Saints have time.  The Senior Bowl was played just yesterday and the NFL Scouting Combine along with college Pro Day has still yet to take place.

Along with those decisions, the Saints also have to lock quarterback Drew Brees in with a new contract and decide the fate of wide receiver Marques Colston and guard Carl Nicks.

While the situation with Brees has been viewed by fans as “pay the man”, Colston and Nicks have been a slippery slope.  Colston has said he won’t give the Saints a “hometown discount” and Nicks will be wanting a contract similar to fellow guard Jahri Evans, which was around $56 million.

Brees hinted that he would be willing to structure his contract so that the Saints would be able to retain the players needed to make another run at a championship that they came so close to this season.  Of course the key word is structure and not discount.

Although the Saints haven’t been known to use the franchise tag on a player, the subject has come up with Nicks being a likely candidate.  While some players may view this as a stalling technique by a team, Nicks would probably be assured that it’s the exact opposite and be paid next season.