Will NFL fan misconduct be an issue in the upcoming season?

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I get tuned up like every fan does at a game.  The atmosphere, the noise, and two good teams battling it out turns the most modest person into a screaming Roman Candle.  Let’s just take the time to remember that it is at the core, a game.

Everyone in our section at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome always try to treat visiting fans with respect, but not without some good natured ribbing.  We joke back and forth with rival fans but don’t get carried away.  After all, they’re guests in our city and spending their hard earned money in it.

It should be the goal of every team to do this and make those fans want to come back.  Are there drunken jerks that ruin this concept?  Of course.  Is it the highlight of their day to raise their self-esteem by insulting someone?  You bet.

Hopefully this issue will never come up and we can all just get back to enjoying the game of football itself and, more importantly, enjoy each other’s company as well.

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