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Will NFL fan misconduct be an issue in the upcoming season?

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Her answer was, “Nowhere”.  They eventually found some security people but she said they didn’t seem to be in a hurry to face the crowd whipped into a frenzy.  While this is maybe not the case at every game, fans don’t want things like this to become a springboard.

It wouldn’t be that out of the realm of possibility if this issue came up during the meetings scheduled during the summer between the NFL and team owners.  Let’s face it, the NFL makes money as do the owners and respective cities when there are exciting games played.

While you may think that they would be crazy to take your season tickets from you, they can.  And if you think they’ll lose money, you’re sadly mistaken.

I know for example that the Saints actually have a waiting list for season tickets that is about 60,000+.  That’s almost an entire stadium waiting to get the chance to own tickets.  And it’s not just the Saints, but other teams as well have a waiting list that reaches just as long.

It shouldn’t have to come to such drastic lengths to curb fan misconduct.  This issue may not be a big deal at this time but if it continues next season, don’t be shocked if measures aren’t taken by the NFL.