Will NFL fan misconduct be an issue in the upcoming season?

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Readers may think I’m simply overreacting or being paranoid, but did we ever think that full body pat downs or scanners would be used to enter a stadium?  Or that undercover officers would need to dress in opposing team’s gear to handle unrest in the stadium?

Even players will agree that the NFL is gaining control over areas that used to be left up to the teams themselves or the players.  I’m not saying that safety isn’t a major concern or doesn’t need to be addressed.  As a matter of fact, I’m all for making games not only exciting but enjoyable for both sides.

My sister and aunt attended their first Saints game last season…in Seattle.  Both of them live on the West Coast and when the Saints traveled to face the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs, they jumped at the chance.

Needless to say, the experience wasn’t enjoyable for either of them.  My sister told me that they endured constant verbal harassment.  One fan screamed at her on the way to the restroom that the only reason the Saints won the Super Bowl was, “because of f**king Katrina you b**ch!”  Very logical indeed.

She did tell me that one Seahawks fan was kind enough to tap her on her shoulder and as she turned around, extend his middle finger in a gesture of goodwill.  She also said they weren’t the only fans subjected to this treatment.  What disturbed me though was when I asked where law enforcement was.