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Will NFL fan misconduct be an issue in the upcoming season?

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One caller said that the hallways in the stadium were very narrow and people were constantly getting in his way, shooting him dirty remarks, and bumping into him.

San Francisco Police Department reported that during the course of the Saints game, 57 people were ejected from the stadium and 24 people were arrested for disorderly conduct.  This would lead to an increased security presence for next week when the New York Giants came to Candlestick Park.

Undercover officers were disguised as Giants fans and assisted uniformed police in identifying offenders inside the stadium.  The ejections from the stadium were reported at 110 people with 29 being arrested including one man who actually threatened an officer.

Sadly, it’s this type of behavior that may invoke the long arm of the NFL being involved.  Fans may not pay attention, but one rule I know of is loss of ticket privileges.  While season ticket holders may not think much of the possibility, it might be right around the corner.

The NFL has taken major steps to require venues to start adapting certain policies in order to host games.  While the revocation of tickets has always been a rule, the NFL may start forcing stadiums to follow through with this demand.  Or even worse, being banned outright from the stadium for life.