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Will NFL fan misconduct be an issue in the upcoming season?

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While players are used to seeing the wrong end of the stick with new rules of play and guidelines, it’s not impossible that the fans could see the NFL do the same towards them.

This season seemed to have it’s bumps and bruises in the stadiums, and I don’t just mean on the field.  Reports were scattered through the season of misconduct by fans towards visiting teams supporters.

While this may be nothing new, it seems that the usual harassing verbal wars have become more and more physical.  Fights breaking out with not just one or two, but groups of individuals was becoming a common theme at some NFL games.

One incident that had a fan bringing a taser to a game and using it on other people, was an event that lead to full body pat downs and scanners being used at many venues.  Before then, the only big trouble was an occasional fan using a laser pointer in the crowd.

The low point this season was experienced by New Orleans Saints fans who traveled to Candelstick Park when the team faced the San Francisco 49ers during the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

Reports by Saints fans came the following day of constant abuse and harassment by 49ers fans during the game.  Individuals called in on radio stations and the news telling of how some even feared to walk down the corriders to get concessions or go to the restrooms.