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Like New Orleans Saints last week, turnovers costly for San Francisco 49ers

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Williams was shell shocked and his eyes were glazed when the media interviewed him after the game.  His teammates rallied around him in support and defense.

Williams actually received a tweet from an alleged 49ers fan that wished death to not only him, but his family as well.  It’s something that shocked and disgusted me to see from a supposed fan to a guy who is already probably feeling worse than Baltimore Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff.

Yes, it stings.  My Lord, does it sting!  I know the reality set in the morning after for me and I’m sure that is the case this morning for the 49ers and their fans.  But life will go on and that is what keeps the wheels of hope turning for not just Saints or 49ers fans, but all football fans.

But like the Saints, the 49ers will soon go into rebuilding mode and prepare for the next season.  Former Saints and current 49ers center Jonathan Goodwin said it best with a tweet right after the game.

"So upset for my teammates!  I saw them work hard all year.  Wanted them to have that experience!"

How true old friend, how true……

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