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Like New Orleans Saints last week, turnovers costly for San Francisco 49ers

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The shock and awe on 49ers players and fans faces told the story.  I felt the pain that they had a week ago at what can only be described as the sting of reality.  To come so close and to end like that was unbearable.

The discussion all week for Saints fans has been if anyone is getting over the loss to the 49ers.  I don’t think that answer will hold any water until training camp starts to be honest.

Fans were convinced that the Saints were headed back to the Super Bowl and that was that.  No more seeing footage of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch shredding the Saints defense.  No more questioning the bend but don’t break defense.

However, in less than two minutes, the 49ers marched down the field and ended the Saints run at another championship with 49ers tight end Vernon Davis crying like a baby on the sideline and Saints fans speechless.

After last night, the only tears from Davis were from frustration.  What was proclaimed as “The Catch III” last week for 49ers lore, can now be summed up with “2 Turnovers”.