Like New Orleans Saints last week, turnovers costly for San Francisco 49ers

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New Orleans Saints fans have been calling it sweet revenge after the San Francisco 49ers lost last night in the NFC Championship game.  The 49ers, like the Saints, saw their Super Bowl dreams turn into a nightmare after two costly turnovers.

More than a week ago against the 49ers, Who Da Nation watched as their record breaking team committed more turnovers in one game than they had in two or three during the regular season.  Two which came after fumbled kick returns.

How ironic that this would be the 49ers undoing as well last night in a overtime loss to the New York Giants.  While kick returner Courtney Roby and running back Darren Sproles shared this last week for the Saints, kick returner Kyle Williams did it for the 49ers.

Williams had a muffed punt that barely skipped off his knee that was wisely scooped up by the Giants eventhough the referee said it was touched by the Giants to down it.  After the Giants challenged, it was shown on replay the ball indeed touched Williams first.

The dagger however, came in overtime as both teams battled back and forth.  Both missed on opportunities to score a touchdown or field goal.  The Giants after a second series, punted away to the 49ers and Williams received the ball to return it.

He actually looked like he was going to have a good return when Williams was stripped of the ball and the Giants recovered with excellent field position.  The Giants moved down to within the goal line and ended the game with a field goal.