Which New Orleans Saints defensive players will excel under Spagnuolo?

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Greer had his best game against the Detroit Lions in the Wild Card game of the playoffs where he intercepted two passes.  He could see his numbers increase some with help over the top by the other defensive backs.

He’s shown the ability to undercut a route when he’s allowed the chance to let his receiver drift some.  Like Jenkins, Greer is smart but can’t be expected to cover a top receiver who is six inches taller than him all by himself.

Linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar– Dunbar has shown that he is emerging as one of the top linebackers for the Saints and filled in nicely for linebacker Jonathan Vilma when he missed several games due to injury.

Dunbar is set to become a free agent but I think that his potential will be seen by the Saints and he’ll be retained.  His ability to blitz and also fall into coverage would be useful to Spagnuolo.

Linebacker Jonathan Vilma– Vilma was hampered by injury this season missing four games, which could explain why he wasn’t as effective.  He had four sacks and 105 tackles in 2010, compared to zero sacks and 54 tackles this season.