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Which New Orleans Saints defensive players will excel under Spagnuolo?

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Spagnuolo’s 4-3 scheme implores another aspect than former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams same 4-3 front.  Williams was well known for using the blitz to the point that it was a surprise when he didn’t.

While the front seven attempted to bring pressure on the quarterback, this left the secondary in man coverage often leading to big passing plays.  Spagnuolo’s scheme should hopefully be beneficial for the defensive unit as a whole and eliminate this some.

With Spagnuolo’s defense, the front four linemen will rush the quarterback as did Williams scheme.  Yet now, the linebackers will fall back into coverage to help the secondary and eliminate certain routes run by the opposing offense.

The Saints secondary showed a steep downfall in interceptions from 2009 as teams figured out how to counter Williams.  Being on “the island”, as defensive backs call it, is a lonely feeling for a defender in coverage.

On the same token, being on the front line and not being able to get pressure is discouraging as well.  A few players on the front seven and in the secondary should begin to benefit from Spagnuolo’s approach.