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Update on status of Spagnuolo interview with New Orleans Saints


While the New Orleans Saints remain silent on the status of Steve Spagnuolo’s interview for the vacant defensive coordinator’s spot, Larry Holder of 690 AM recently gave some insight.

Holder reported close to an hour ago that a “source familiar with the talks”, has said that the interview “went well”.  He also reported that “it’s in the hands of Saints management”.

This is probably the scrap of positive news that Saints fans have been needing to help them move on after their loss to the San Francisco 49ers last Saturday that knocked them out of the playoffs.

Spagnuolo is in high demand and reportedly interviewing with at least four to five teams.  Fans have made their voices heard and are holding dear that Spagnuolo signs with the Saints as the new defensive coordinator.

While the Saints have said they will do their homework on a candidate, it seems that Spagnuolo would be the best choice and probably has been given an outline for a contract when he was at their facility yesterday.

News of the interview has been sparse and Who Dat Nation has been on pins and needles hoping to hear any tidbit available.  Since the Saints aren’t going to announce anything yet, it’s possible more may come as next week begins.

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