No word yet on Steve Spagnuolo, New Orleans Saints deal

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It’s safe to assume thought that interest from both sides is high enough that it would be a shock to most if Spagnuolo leaves without first being made an offer to jump start negotiations.

On Monday Spagnuolo interviewed with Colts brass — Jim Caldwell, Ryan Grigson, and Jim Irsay — for their vacant defensive coordinator position, although he left without a deal.

Then on Tuesday the Colts decided to fire Caldwell leading to rumors that Grigson and Irsay may be considering “Spags” as their new head coach, not just their defensive coordinator.

It seems unlikely that he would want to jump back into a head coaching role even if it was offered, fresh of his unsuccessful stint in St. Louis just barely behind him.

Indianapolis is also a team in flux at the moment given all the changes.

Most of the staff is gone, upper management has changed, there are several free agents to contend with, and of course then there is what to do about the great Peyton Manning — keep him, release him, or trade him.

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