New Orleans Saints offensive coaching staff being looked at for head coaches


When the New Orleans Saints were eliminated from the playoffs on Saturday night, the franchise must face the possibility of not only changes with the roster, but the coaching staff as well.  One that has recently popped up this week involves a coordinator who is a big part of the offense.

Yes, with all of the Gregg Williams talk that is going on about if or when he leaves, one story has gotten lost in the shuffle.  It’s a story that CBS’ Charley Casserly and The Palm Beach Post have reported recently about Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr.

Apparently, the Miami Dolphins have taken an interest in interviewing Carmichael as their new head coach.  Another name from the Saints coaching staff that was mentioned by the The Palm Beach Post was Offensive Line Coach Aaron Kromer who was recently interviewed by the St. Louis Rams until Jeff Fisher agreed to be their head coach.

The loss of Kromer, who has helped produce Pro Bowl performances out of the Saints O-Line, would be bad.  However, the loss of Carmichael would seem to be the most hurtful.  If anyone watched the behind the scenes segment on Monday Night Football, you see the shared mind he has with Head Coach Sean Payton and QB Drew Brees.

Carmichael was also responsible for dealing out the plays when Payton injured his leg on the sidelines early in the season and was confined to the upstairs coaching box for several weeks.  All three are so in sync with each other, that Brees has stated that they all know what plays each other would call and it only takes a nod or hand signal to each other.

Of course Carmichael is not the only one being interviewed and Kromer was listed by The Palm Beach Post as being a “darkhorse” for the position, so no need to panic yet.  One move that will be made for the Saints is the search for a Wide Receivers coach since current coach Curtis Johnson will leave to be the new head football coach for Tulane University.

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