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New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers feeling sting in playoff loss

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The stunner of course was the fact that the New York Giants upset the defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers in Lambeau Field.  If Who Dat’s had a tear in their beer, then Packers fans were having “Whine and Cheese”.  The chant quickly turned to “NO!  Pack!  NO!”

For the Packers and their loyal fans, their magic season came to a shocking end after they almost seemed to be unstoppable for a majority of the time.  They went 15-1 with their only loss being against the Kansas City Chiefs.  The dream of being undefeated was an afterthought, but visions of the Super Bowl were still alive until last night.

QB Aaron Rodgers scoffed at the notion of the lockout and lack of offseason workouts hurt them during the season.  One thing I did notice was that while other teams had begun to peak, the Packers seemed to regress somewhat.  Their usually platnium offense and defense looked like fools gold on Sunday.

They felt the Saints pain as the Packers had four turnovers. One being a tipped interception by Rodgers and three fumbles.  One fumble came uncharacteristically from FB John Kuhn who had not coughed up the ball all season.  The “Year of the Quarterback” has quickly turned to the “Few Days of Defense”.

The Packers receivers had numerous dropped balls after it seemed like all year that they had glue on their hands.  And like Drew Brees, Rodgers was uncomfortable in the pocket, harrassed, and sacked four times by the Giants.  It was the first time I had seen him show that type of anger and frustration all season.