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New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers feeling sting in playoff loss

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The New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers both have experienced something that neither thought would happen to them in the postseason.

The Saints and Packers will do their best to regroup after a stunning end to their championship dreams this weekend.  Instead of either team preparing to host an NFC Championship game, they will prepare for their final team meetings of the season.

The Saints who were 13-3 in the regular season, will try to find answers as to why things turned out in San Francisco the way they did on Saturday.  Five turnovers didn’t help, but the loss of RB Pierre Thomas for screen passes and WR Lance Moore injured as our main slot receiver added to this.

The Saints will have a final team meeting scheduled for Tuesday to pretty much dismiss class until they gather again for offseason workouts and training camp.  LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar said it bluntly after the loss Saturday, “The next time I see these guys will be in the exit meeting, and that’s not cool”.

Cameras showed the Saints players in the lockerroom after the loss hanging their heads and doing interviews in hushed tones.  Saints fans felt the sting too, as evident when I called my friend Bryan after the game.  He answered in his Metarie accent,  scratchy and spent from screaming, “Brah, we need to discuss this at another time”.

Of course, the only thing that made this feeling worse is what happened Sunday night.  Worse because if the Saints had defeated the San Francisco 49ers, they would be hosting the NFC Championship game this Sunday.  Instead, Who Dat Nation was witness to another playoff stunner.