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What’s next for the New Orleans Saints?

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I made a prediction after the game that FS Malcolm Jenkins would catch flak as the new “Roman Harper of Seattle” and I was right.  Twitter lit up with angry Who Dat’s that paired Jenkins, Harper and Williams with words I can’t put in this article.

All I will say is that players must play the schemes they are assigned.  I think that Jenkins and Harper are great players especially Jenkins.  He had a monster season last year and Harper almost broke the single season sack record for a safety.  I will say that both are not great in coverage but blame Williams for putting them in that position.

Neither one registered any interceptions but that’s because Harper was always used in the blitz, leaving Jenkins to play centerfield.  Of course it doesn’t ease my defense of Harper when the 49ers admitted they designed a play just for him, which was the winning touchdown to TE Vernon Davis.

I think that during free agency, the defense will be revamped and we could see more new faces, especially along the defensive line.  The “Heavy Lunch Bunch Experiment” of DT Shaun Rogers and DT Abrayou Franklin could possibly be no more.  While they plugged running lanes, neither had the impact that Williams hyped it would.

There is the remote chance that we could see a change in the secondary as well.  CB Tracy Porter is scheduled to become a free agent and he hasn’t quite returned to his Super Bowl season form, mostly due to injuries.  Depending on how things shake out with the possible coaching changes, we’ll see what happens.