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What’s next for the New Orleans Saints?

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First things first.  The Saints have some crucial free agents that need to be locked up.  The first being QB Drew Brees who will certainly be given a nice contract.  Two others that are set to become FA that need to be locked up are G Carl Nicks and WR Marques Colston.

Those that are worried about salary cap and the like just relax.  General Manager Mickey Loomis has been known to work wonders when it comes to kicking out the right contracts to who they are due.

The elephant in the room is of course the topic of Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams.  Although it’s been reported that he’ll be leaving to join Jeff Fisher with the St. Louis Rams, nothing is confirmed.  If Williams does leave, there are talks of bringing in Steve Spagnuolo, Jack Del Rio, or Mike Nolan to fill his spot.

To be honest with you, I shuddered at the thought of him leaving last year.  Now I think it might be for the best.  Williams blitz heavy 4-3 defense has run it’s course.  The aggressive, ball hawking secondary has reduced to a vanilla “prevent” defense that “bends but doesn’t break”.  Well, it broke last night.

49ers TE Vernon Davis even was shocked that the Saints went in man to man coverage on the very plays that allowed the 49ers to rally for a victory.  Secondary Coach Tony Oden’s unit has only produced single digit interception numbers and coverage that was like glue one series and non-existent the next.