Interest in New Orleans Saints personnel confirm culture change

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Four playoff appearances in the last six years, three consecutive, two NFC Championship games appearances with one win, and of course the franchises first ever Super Bowl Championship.

In the last there seasons the Saints have won 37 of 48 regular season games (.770 winning percentage) and four of five post season games.

New Orleans is once again knocking on the door of another Super Bowl championship as they enter into the Divisional round and a match up against the resurgent 49ers this Saturday.

That’s not to mention that the Saints, and quarterback Drew Brees, have re-written the NFL’s record books so many times that the leagues statisticians probably hate to see them coming on game day.

Things are good, things are real good in fact.

But what has all this success brought to the Saints?

Well besides one of the NFL’s healthiest franchises a coaching staff, and front office team, that is beginning to garner a lot of attention from other NFL squads and college teams.

Last year defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was targeted as a potential head coaching candidate, but he declined interviews in favor of staying with the blossoming Saints.

Williams is also said to be favored by Jeff Fisher, who may be the next head coach of the Dolphins or Rams, as his defensive coordinator/assistant head coach.

Speaking of the Rams they also requested permission to speak with the Saints offensive line/running back “manager” Aaron Kromer, just in case Fisher decides to coach elsewhere in 2012.

St. Louis is also interested in speaking with Dennis Allen, New Orleans former secondary coach, and the Broncos current defensive coordinator — another branch off Payton’s coaching tree.

The Saints likely dodged a bullet when the Colts hired Ryan Grigson as their new GM a few days ago.

Colts owner Jim Irsay had targeted Rick Reiprish, New Orleans director of college scouting, the man responsible for most of the teams “hidden gems” on the roster, as a potential replacment for Bill Polian.

Also after the season is over wider receiver coach Curtis Johnson will be headed to Tulane University to take over the as the new head coach.

The New Orleans Saints have come a long way since that 2005 season — the future is bright — and the culture has certainly changed.

And for Saints fans, finally their team is on top.