An interview with New Orleans Saints TE Tory Humphrey

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Tory also gave out some advice to young players that dream of making it to the bright lights and big stadiums, including rookie NFL players.

What would you say to a high school or college football player that has dreams of playing in the NFL?

"First, I would tell them how hard it is to make it in the NFL.  It’s important to tell them the truth and that the odds are against them making it to this level.  But, it’s equally important to let them know that anything is possible with hard work and dedication."

Once you reach the NFL, what advice do you give incoming players?

"Incoming players have to learn how to manage their time.  It’s so easy to get caught up in partying and doing things that could end your career faster than it should."

My final questions shifted to the SanFrancisco 49ers game.  Critics have jumped on the “Saints are a Dome team” story and are picking the 49ers to win because the Saints, as one analyst put it, “can’t play on grass”.  I asked Tory about this and here are his thoughts on the matter.

"Naturally every team plays a little better at home, we just so happen to play in a dome.  San Francisco is a good team and can’t be overlooked."

As the Saints prepare to travel to play the 49ers, the locker room seems very strong now.  What is the confidence and energy level with you guys as you prepare?

"The confidence and energy level doesn’t change.  It remains high and that’s the mark of a good team."

Tory and the team will practice today and then travel to San Francisco later in the afternoon to get an early start on a walkthrough at Candlestick Park for Friday.  The Divisional Playoff game with the Saints vs. the 49ers will begin at 3:30 p.m. and will be broadcast on FOX Network.

I’d like to thank Tory for taking the time out of his schedule this week to participate in the interview.  If you want to see what  Tory is up to, he’s on Twitter @toryhumphrey so click on the link and give him a follow.

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