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An interview with New Orleans Saints TE Tory Humphrey

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I brought the conversation to current times and asked Tory about his return to the team after being released in August and also about QB Drew Brees and TE Jimmy Graham.

Tory, you were released prior to the regular season but have rejoined the team.  What have you been doing to stay ready for when you get “the call”?

"It’s hard to stay in “football” shape without playing football.  I just did as much as I could to simulate the things I would’ve been doing if I were on the team."

How did you feel when the Saints called you to rejoin the roster?

"It felt awesome to get the call.  Being out, you never know when your next opportunity is going to come."

I’ve heard Drew (Brees) treats practice like an actual game and is a fierce competitor regardless.  Does he force everyone on offense, as well as defense, to operate at that level?

"That mentality is instilled by the coaching staff and it filters down to everyone on the team.  But to see the best player on the team practice that way everyday makes everyone else practice and play at an even higher level."

What’s it like going against LB Jonathan Vilma and Gregg Williams defense?

"It prepares us for any and everything we see in games."

Being a tight end yourself, how surprising has it been to see TE Jimmy Graham progress at the level he’s at with just the limited amount of  football he’s played?

"It doesn’t surprise me at all.  Jimmy is a special athlete.  Being that big, that fast, and so athletic makes the transition easier for him."