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An interview with New Orleans Saints TE Tory Humphrey

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You were signed by the Saints in 2009.  Could you feel that the team was destined to get to the Super Bowl and win?

"When I first joined the team I could tell there was something different about this group of players.  This is the closest team I’ve been part of.  Everyone wants to win for one another."

Saints fans have commented that they see many things about this year’s team and the 2009 team that are very similar and that there is that Super Bowl feeling again.  So I had to ask Tory:

Do you see similarities between that season and this one, as well as some differences?

"This team is almost identical.  There are new faces but the leadership is still the same."

I asked Tory about two moments that Saints fans will never forget about that Super Bowl:  Ambush and the Tracy Porter interception.

What happened when Coach (Sean) Payton gave everyone the news that “Ambush” was going to be used after halftime?

"The team was already prepared for it because the kick was practiced all week and Coach Payton told us that he was going to call it at some point."

When you saw Tracy Porter intercept Peyton Manning and run it back for a touchdown, did you feel that was the clincher or was everyone still cautious of Manning and his “two minute drill” abilities?

"That was a great moment but the defense had to keep it’s composure because the (Indianapolis) Colts offense was very good and they had to go out and stop them again."

How surreal was it when the confetti fell and you knew you were champions?  Did it take some time for it to sink in?

"The feeling was unbelievable, especially for me.  Before that season started, I broke my arm and it took a long time to heal.  So going from where I was, to the Super Bowl was awesome."