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Who Dat Nation Is Lovin’ It! New Orleans Saints Go Marching In!

By Editorial Staff

It is almost like 1983… and 1988….and 2000… and especially 2009! The Citizens of the Who Dat Nation are screaming WHO DAT like never before. The New Orleans Saints are playing “otta dere mons” and everyone is expecting a TWO DAT!

The Saints are the talk of the NFL and most experts and fans alike, pick the Saints as the Superbowl winners in 2012.

There is even a great new song about Drew Brees that is going viral on YouTube. It’s a Children’s song called Be Like Drew. Taken from the new motivational Children’s CD entitled “HOO Hoo Who Dat?”, it is sure to inspire Who Dats of all ages! Check it out at the Official Who Dat YouTube page.

As the Who Dat Nation awaits Saturday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers, the momentum is growing. Are you a Who Dat? If so, you can join the Who Dat Fan Club and share your excitement with the rest of the Who Dat Nation. To join the club, go to Official Who Dat Fan Page!