New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers: A Rivalry Forgotten

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Finishing 2nd to the 49ers would become a constant theme as the Saints would lose to the San Francisco 9 out of 12 times between 1987-1992.

The Saints won the Division title only once in 1991; only to lose in the wild-card round to the Atlanta Falcons, 27-20.

It seems ironic as well that these two teams identity’s have flip flopped since 1987.

The old San Francisco 49ers team known for Joe Montana and the explosive Jerry Rice is now known for having a stiff defense led by Patrick Willis.

The old New Orleans Saints known for their “Dome Patrol” defense is now known for, well you already know his name don’t you?

Recently the Saints have fared much better against the 49ers, winning their last 6 of 8 games against the NFC West Champs.

While the 49ers may not have many bad memories about how many times they cost the Saints a chance at the playoffs, Saints fans remember all to well.

This coming Saturday they will get exactly what they, and my father, have been wishing for 25 years — an opportunity to beat the NFC West champs.