Tampa Bay Buccaneers new head coach could be old Saints nemesis

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In a report less than an hour ago, CBS Sports Charley Casserly named two former head coaches that are possible candidates for the head coaching position with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Both have caused some irritations to the New Orleans Saints and their fans during the Saints Super Bowl season.

Casserly reported on The NFL Today that Houston Texans Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips and former Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress are in consideration for the job with Tampa Bay.

Childress will be interviewed on Monday and Phillips will be interviewed on Friday of this week.  Unless Phillips is content in Houston, I think he might have the edge over Childress for the job.

Phillips has turned the Texans defense around and pretty much saved Head Coach Gary Kubiak’s job.  However, if Phillips wants to be a head coach again, this is his shot.

Childress on the other hand had a collapse in Minnesota with “Farve-Gate” and the “Moss Mess Monster”.  Yeah, I just made the Moss thing up..feel free to use it.

If Phillips doesn’t want the job, then the Bucs could settle for Childress.  Both coaches have caused problems for the Saints during the 2009-2010 season with their former teams.