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Drew Brees, Pierre Thomas dynamic in New Orleans Saints win over Lions

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A 13-3 season, and now 1-0 in the post season. The New Orleans Saints are enjoying an unprecedented level of success this year as they shatter records, and last night the playoff hopes of the Detroit Lions.

The Lions were considered a tough challenge for the Saints, whether at home or not, considering Matthew Stafford had been throwing the ball as well an anyone in the league, and then there was wide receiver Calvin Johnson the defense needed to lock down.

Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams failed this time around to corral Johnson, who totaled 12 catches for 211 yards and two touchdowns, this after holding him to six receptions for 69 yards and no touchdowns in week thirteen.

With that said that’s no implication that the Saints, and Williams, failed in their game plan to stop Johnson. No, it’s more of a testament to just how good Calvin Johnson actually is — Megatron is a well deserved nickname.

Stafford was pretty good too — connecting on 28 of 43 passes for 380 yards and three touchdowns — but he also threw two costly interceptions in the fourth quarter that helped extend the Saints lead and domination of the play-clock.

But even with their impressive performances it just wasn’t enough to overpower Drew Brees and the Saints high powered offense.

Also the defense stopped the Lions when needed, while the Lions defense couldn’t stop the Saints on any down – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.

Brees’ threw for 466 yards, a new personal postseason high, and the second most in NFL playoff history.

He added in three touchdown passes, and had a clean game throwing zero interceptions.

New Orleans also broke the NFL’s postseason record for total yards with 626, beating the long standing record set by the San Diego Chargers some 49 years ago.

That’s quit the performance for Brees, but one we have come to expect from the man that broke numerous records in the regular season.

He closed out the 2011 year as the new record holder for passing yards with 5,476 yards, obliterating Dan Marino’s long standing 1984 mark of 5,084 by week 16.

Brees also holds the highest single season completion percentage in NFL history with a 71.2% connect rate, as well as the most completions ever thrown with 468.

There’s more records than just these, but let’s not go overboard.