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Williams, Saints defense will still focus on stopping Lions WR Calvin Johnson


Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams won’r deviate from the game plan that won the New Orleans Saints their week thirteen contest against the Detroit Lions.

In that game he consistently rolled coverage Johnson’s way while “double” jamming him at the line of scrimmage — and much will be the same during today’s wild card match up.

His plan worked well as Johnson was held out of the end zone for only the fifth time this season. He caught six passes for 69 yards.

Williams though will throw a few wrinkles into the mix this time around, saying that his defense will “unveil” some never before seen coverages to ensure Johnson has another bad game.

Whatever it is Williams will have to get creative to slow down “Megatron”, who snatched up a league high sixteen touchdown passes in the regular season.

Johnson frequently beat double, and even triple coverage most of the year.

Just ask the Dallas Cowboys, who threw an army of defenders at him in week 4, but he still managed to catch two fourth quarter touchdowns that helped the Lions steal a victory away from Dallas.

But if anybody can get creative it’s Gregg Williams, who is much more than just the “blitz happy” freak of a defensive coordinator that he has come to be known.

Williams runs hybrid schemes — 4-3, 3-4, and the 46 — with wrinkles in all parts of the field. He also knows how to best use his players talents to achieve the best possible results.

While he may not have what some consider to be many “star” players on his defense, he get’s results by creating controlled havoc and using massive amounts of substitutions.

Chances are Williams will do enough to limit Johnson, and thus remove the Lions biggest offensive playmaker from the game.

That means the Lions will have to lean on wide receiver Nate Burleson, tight end Brandon Pettigrew, and running back Kevin Smith to pick up the slack.

I can’t see Detroit keeping pace with New Orleans lethal offense with this trio of players, and not to offend any of them but they are not exactly considered to be “elite” playmakers like Johnson.