Three New Orleans Saints players will try to boost their stock in playoffs

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It’s only fitting for Bussey to get his chance in a huge game since he’s fought hard to get a chance like this.  Bussey stated that he had to grow up in a neighborhood filled with drugs and violence, a trap some fall into.

However, he took it upon himself to steer clear of these dangers and focus on football and being what he called his “own unique individual”.  Bussey said he has been called “The Preacher” and “Pastor Bussey” because he would wear a shirt and tie each day of the week to be professional.

Bussey will probably play mainly on special teams but could be asked to come into the rotation if needed during the game.  Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams has given praise to Bussey during training camp, which is hard to come by from Williams as a rookie.

The Saints are big on high character players and Bussey seems to be that type of person.  His ability to not fall into the temptations that surrounded his upbringing and to be dedicated to his craft will certainly help him.  If Bussey plays well during the postseason, his chances of making the roster next season will skyrocket.

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