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New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees not favored by sports media for MVP

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To some this might seem there is some favoritism when it comes to voting.  If you don’t like a certain player or are more of a fan of another player, it may determine a vote.  This was brought up recently in reference to Hall of Fame votes for inductees.

The argument arose between analysts that some players are inducted ahead of others even though they may not have achieved as much as the other.  I’m not saying that this does happen but it’s not outside the realm of possibility in the Hall of Fame or one like the  MVP award.

While discouraging as this may be, if you’ve been a Saints fan for all these years, it’s nothing new for their beloved players and team to shake the label of “Loveable Losers”.  Yet Brees doesn’t seemed concerned with the award or if he’ll even get it and constantly will shy away from the “MVP question”.

He will instead shower his fellow teammates with praise and gives them the spotlight.  When shined on by the media after a good game, he instead says they can always be better.  His goal to win another championship is not for himself, but for a city that he says has the “best fans” in the world because he thinks they deserve it.  The mark of a true MVP if you ask me.

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